The Courage to Ask


Is there anything that’s holding you back in life right now? 

It could be related to Business, Entrepreneurship, Self Publishing, Investing, Personal Finance or Personal Development in general. The topic doesn’t matter.

If you would like to hear an unbiased opinion from someone that isn’t emotionally investing in the issue, you can email your question/concern and I’ll record a video response. 

All you need is the courage to ask.

If you don’t want to disclose your identity, that’s not a problem, please let me know in the email and I’ll only disclose your question and my view. 


I’m trying to give back to the world in more ways than donating money.

I love solving problems and I love working with people. I believe this is why I succeeded as a manager in my previous job. 

I’ve also identified that this is an area of my life that I miss greatly. This is an attempt to reach out and help more people and to selfishly make myself feel better! 

By offering my view on your problem (via video) I can potentially help you work through an issue and help others as well.  

You just need the courage to ask…..

Is there anything that’s holding you back right now?


  • weenie

    Reply Reply 20th April 2017

    Hi Huw
    Love the new look of your website – hope all goes well with it. It looks like, however, that none of the comments from your old posts have been copied over (yet?), which is a shame as I used to occasionally refer back to them.

    • Huw Davies

      Reply Reply 20th April 2017

      Hey Weenie,

      That’s very kind of you. In all honesty, I’ve done next to nothing on it so far. I’m setting out some time in the evenings to chip away at it. I’m hoping that in a week or 2 it should like a little better. I’m glad I finally made the move though.

      Thanks for the heads up on the comments. I’ll look into that now.

      Best wishes

  • Brian

    Reply Reply 4th May 2017

    Hi there
    I’ve been getting into match betting over the past couple of weeks and came upon your YouTube video. You mentioned that at beginning u thought u might be better off spending your time on Kindle/kingle/….??? I can’t quite make out what you said. Can u clarify ?

    Much appreciated

    • Huw Davies

      Reply Reply 8th May 2017

      Hi Brian,

      Great news. Good luck in your new venture.

      I self publish books on amazon. It’s also known as ‘Kindle Publishing’. For me personally, it pays to spend more time doing that over Matched Betting. I earned just over £5,000 per month in 2016 from publishing books. Matched Betting to that level would require far too much time and attention. I prefer Kindle’s semi-passive approach to earning money.

      For most people looking to make £500 per month, I would highly recommend Matched Betting as the earnings are more guaranteed than publishing books. If you’re looking to earn more than £1,000 per month on a side hustle Matched Betting will require a lot more time and effort. Guy has demonstrated that it’s absolutely possible, but I know how hard he works at it.

      Each to their own and all that.

      Anyways, thanks for stopping by and wish you the best of luck with it all!


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