‘The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth’ by James Altucher – My Book Review

I picked the ‘Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth‘ up on Amazon for £0.99 for my E-Reader (Laptop) during December last year as a fan of James Altucher, his Blog, Podcast and becoming wealthy funnily enough. You can check out his site/Blog HERE

I dipped in and out of the book during the month and finally finished it in January. For those of you that are unfamiliar with James’ work, he’s witty, VERY honest, self deprecating, and intelligent. An appealing mix for me. 

This book is packed full of information on producing an income for yourself, investing, negotiating, influencing others, how to become an ideas machine, developing habits, productivity, and making money in the 21st Century to name a few. 

As I mention above, James has a very witty writing style, and he uses this to great effect on the following chapters:
-How to sell anything
-How to convince anyone of anything in 60 seconds
-How I ended up in prison and how I busted out
-How to get an MBA from Eminem. 

I didn’t agree with everything James talks about in this book. He speaks from the heart, which I like, but I question some of the evidence he has to back up his claims. I flat out disagreed with some of what he said, but he made me think differently and changed my mind in other areas. 

Overall for £0.99, I think it’s a steal. 

Have you read the book? What did you think? Please share your thoughts below. 

I’ve provided an affiliate link to the book on Amazon below. I receive a 5% commission if you click on the link and buy it but it won’t cost you any more for taking this route. 

Click HERE to Download ‘The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth’ 


  • The book had some really useful (and funny) advice and anecdotes about business ideas, wealth creation, and live management; but to be honest the amount of spelling and grammar mistakes really distracted me from what he was saying sometimes. It is utterly bizarre, that the book was basically published without being edited for spelling and grammar. But as you say, it was only 99p… No, actually, in this day and age there's still no excuse. He could have gotten a grammar geek mate to do it at least.

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 8th March 2016

    Hey M,

    I heard him explain how he launched the book one day, without getting any help editing. I agree, the spelling and grammar mistakes are distracting, and for someone that well known, it would have paid to have someone look over it and tidy it up. It's like going for a run with tying your laces up. You can get away with it, but you're asking for trouble.


  • Jonny Pean

    Reply Reply 23rd March 2016

    I have always been apprehensive of turning to financial guides – more so when they are available in the form of books. Your review has got me intrigued. Will check out this one for sure! Thanks!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 26th March 2016

    Hi Jonny,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I found this book useful for sparking thoughts. I don't think it's a guide to wealth personally. But it had some useful suggested I hadn't previously considered. I hope you enjoy it!


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