My Morning Routine (In Full)

Filming of my Morning Routine (In Full)

On 18th February 2016, I achieved one of my goals of completing 50 consecutive Morning Routines. To mark the occasion, I decided to film my 50th one for you.

This video gives you an insight into my morning life, what components make up my morning ritual, and how you can take what I do and turn it into a daily practice for yourself.

If nothing else, watch the video for the first minute which involves me pointing the phones flash in my face as I wake up. That’ll get you out of snooze mode!

Feel free to copy my routine in it’s entirety, tweak it, or even ignore it completely! I wanted to use this video to show you exactly what I do so you can take what you like and ditch what you don’t. Even if you only take 1 element from it and do nothing else, I’m confident it will improve your life.

If you’re interested in learning about Morning Routine’s then check out this video for what I do, and what suggestions I offer as alternatives.

If after watching it you’re interested in finding out more about Morning Routines and how to develop your own, I’ve used 2 resources that I’d recommend to anyone interested in Personal Development:

  1. Hal Elrod’s ‘The Miracle Morning‘ – book
  2. Stefan Pylarinos’ ‘Morning Ritual Mastery‘ – online course

I’ve provided affiliate links to both options below. It won’t cost you any more for clicking on the links, but in full transparency, I will get paid a commission if you decide to buy them.

‘The Miracle Morning’ Book by Hal Elrod (£6.99)

Stefan’s ‘Morning Ritual Mastery’ Course (Approx £32)

If you don’t want to part with your money just yet – Check out this video for ideas and inspiration.

If you’re having a sneaky peak at this post whilst at work and unable to watch the video yet. Here’s what makes up my morning routine:

1. Hydrate
2. Movement
3. Meditation
4. Reading
5. Affirmations/Incantations
6. Visualisation
7. Journaling
8. Reviewing Weekly goals
9. Scheduling my Day

Please share your thoughts on the video, my morning routine, and what you currently do. 



  • Organised Redhead

    Reply Reply 8th March 2016

    Hi Huw,

    Thanks for sharing this, it's really interesting see the process you go through each morning. I've recently started implementing a morning routine (inspired by your post about The Miracle Morning) – at the moment I have time to do a nice long routine as I'm off work (in-between freelance contracts), but when I next take a contract I think I'll have to cut the time down as I struggle getting up really early!

    With regards to meditation, I sometimes struggle to know quite how to practice it, so I've found searching on Spotify or YouTube for a suitable meditation has really helped guide me. With regards to visualisation, I really like your tip of using music, I think I will try that. I've also read that trying to include movement in your visualisation can help make it feel more real, so I try to imagine myself moving and looking around. Do you choose to visualise the same thing every day, or do you mix it up with different things different days?

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 8th March 2016

    Hi OR,

    You're welcome!

    With regards to meditation, you can't do anything 'wrong' so to speak, and it takes a lot of practice to get your head around it. Guided meditations on Youtube/spotify are great places to start.

    Music helps to get me into a more imaginative and inspirational state for the visualisation. I've tried it standing up, but I haven't tried moving. Very interesting!

    I tend to visualise future happiness, succeeding in projects like producing my course, travelling the world, whatever's on my mind really. I focused more on the course recently as that is my biggest priority.

    Looking forward to meeting you in person next weekend!


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