My 2016 Goals – All 25 of them!

My £100,000 Cheque to myself

If you were following me this time last year, you would have seen this picture before. It’s a cheque for £100,000 written for me (how generous!). 

I don’t plan on cashing out that money, but I DO plan on earning it in 2016. As you’re soon to find out, it’s my number 1 priority for 2016.

This cheque is stuck on my drawers next to my bed, so every time I wake up, and every time I go to bed, I can see it. It’s a technique from the Law of Attraction that Jim Carey and Jack Canfield implemented successfully earlier on in their careers and I thought it was worth trying myself. 

When I wrote this cheque on 31st December 2014, I didn’t really believe that I would earn that money in a year, in fact I was just after an additional £1,000 per month side income. Right now in 2016, things are very different…..

I earned over £5,500  in December 2015, and I plan on making that number and more each month this year. In fact, to earn £100,000 in a year, I need to earn £8,333 per month, which isn’t too far away. I have the confidence that I can surpass this milestone in 2016 and once I HAVE. I’ll be writing another cheque, but with an additional 3 zeros on it! 🙂

But it’s not just about money for me, I want to grow in all areas of my life – Intelligence, managing stress/emotions, physical, relationships, contribution…… you name it. I’ve created another large list of goals for 2016 to keep me accountable across the board and I’ve broken them down into the following sections:
  • My 4 Priority Goals
  • Financial Goals
  • Business Goals
  • Physical Goals
  • Mind Goals
  • Relationship Goals
  • Contribution Goals
  • Social Media Goals

Some of you might think that 25 goals is a little excessive, and you might be right, but I found that I progressed in so many ways last year by committing to improving in multiple areas. I wanted to replicate the same level of success this year, and even take it onto a new level. 

There were goals that I didn’t hit last year, more than half to be precise. However, when I stepped back and asked the question if it was worthwhile committing to that particular failed goal 12 months earlier, the answer was still ‘yes’. For example, I had 10 ‘guy only’ nights last year, 2 short of my goal. Am I gutted? Not at all! I still had more than I would have had if I had not committed to it, so for me it’s worth ‘failing’ a goal in order to get better at it. 

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll become a neighbour to the creepy guy on the John Lewis ads.”
~Huw Davies

I plan on producing a video every month documenting my progress on each of the goals. I started to do this last year on this Blog and ended up stopping when I quit my job. I want to make sure that doesn’t happen in 2016 and I think a video version will reduce the chances. 

This process will keep me accountable, improve the chances of achieving them and hopefully inspire some of you to do the same. 

You don’t have to take my approach, but I encourage you to commit to improving in at least 1 area of your life this year – Even if it’s to become a better friend, wife or father. 

How do you want to grow this year?

Commit to telling someone about it, make the goal measurable somehow (my Youtube video will help with that), and put a time limit to it to create urgency. 

Without further ado here’s the video for my 2016 goals.

Please let me know what goals you’ve set for yourself this year in the comments below!! I love to see people committing to action. I find it motivating myself!

I hope everyone has a Super-successful 2016!
2016 Goals
Priority Goals
1.      I will easily earn at least £100,000 in income by 31 December 2016. (£8,333 per month)
2.    I will easily create and launch 3 x online courses that help people by 31 December 2016.
3.    I will easily help 5 x people quit their day jobs by 31 December 2016. (The people I help will decide whether my contribution was significant enough – request feedback in writing)
4.    I will easily purchase my first buy-to-let property by 31 December 2016.
Financial Goals
  1. I will easily earn at least £10,000 in one month by 31 December 2016.
  2. My Investment portfolio (shares, bonds, & funds) will easily be worth over £50,000 by 31 December 2016.
  3. I will easily receive over £3,000 in dividends by 31 December 2016.
Business Goals
  1. I will easily create a business website that offers information, courses and coaching on Kindle Publishing by 31 December 2016.
  2. I will easily hire at least one person to help me run my Kindle Publishing business by 31 December 2016.
Physical Goals
  1. I will easily take photos of my body at the end of every month in 2016 to track the progress of my physique.
  2. I will easily maintain a waist measurement below 84cm each month by 31 December 2016.
  3. I will easily Bench Press 120kg, Shoulder Press 85kg, and perform a pull up with 50kg attached by 31 December 2016.
  4. I will easily complete 2 x physical events by 31 December 2016.
Mind Goals
  1. I will easily complete a 30, 50 and 100 day consecutive morning ritual challenges by 31 December 2016.
  2. I will easily read or listen to 16 books by 31 December 2016.
  3. I will easily complete 6 x comfort zone challenges by 31 December 2016. (The thought of completing each one should make me feel anxious)
  4. I will easily attend at least 1 x Personal Development conference by 31 December 2016.
  5. I will easily invest in over £1,500 worth of courses, books and education for myself.
Relationship Goals
  1. I will happily have at least one ‘date night’ a month for the whole of 2016. (12 ‘date’ nights)
  2. I will happily have at least one ‘guy only night’ a month for the whole of 2016. (12 ‘Guy Only’ nights)
Contribution Goals
  1. I will happily contribute at least £500 towards charity for by 31 December 2016. (£42 per month)
  2. I will easily reach out to help at least one person every month, free of charge and without reason (12 in the year) by 31 December 2015.
Social Media Goals
  1. I will easily create a New Blogging platform which will focus on my experience of Personal Development by 31 December 2016.
  2.  I will easily upload 100 videos to my Youtube channel by 31 December 2016.
  3. I will easily organise 3 x FIRE Escape Gatherings for FI/PF Bloggers and readers by 31 December 2016.


  • weenie

    Reply Reply 6th January 2016

    Hey Huw


    Yes, I sat through your 30 mins video but I can't wait to see how you get on with this massive list of really impressive and life-changing goals!

    I know what you mean about going for goals, not achieving them but still feeling good about attempting them. I was the same with some of my own goals from last year but this year, I just wanted some simplification (just 5 goals) – perhaps next year, the simple goals won't be enough and I'll up the number again!

    My initial thoughts are that you will breeze through all the financial ones – you have that snowball effect going with your Kindle and coaching already!

    The comfort zone ones could be tricky….

    Anyway, good luck with all of them – if you need any pointers re your proposed BTL, give me a shout, since I got into that myself, just by doing my own research!

  • Jon

    Reply Reply 7th January 2016

    Hi Huw,

    Great progress and goals mate. I look forward to hearing about your progress throughout the year.

    Hopefully I can kick on with my KDP business this year, I had a great end to the year. I will drop you an email at some point mate for a little catch up.


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 7th January 2016

    Thanks Weenie!

    Like I said in the video, this is all just writing and 'speak' so far. It doesn't represent anything at the moment and I hope I can live up to what I plan this year.

    I read through your post earlier this morning, and I like you're goals. You're gonna hit that 50% saving rate in 2016, I'm sure of it! 🙂

    I hope you're right. I feel confident about the financial ones too. I feel extremely fortunate to have people want to invest in me to help them. I hope I can do them justice and provide them a stepping stone to quit jobs or cover expenses etc. My course is definitely going to help reach more people that way too.

    I'm looking forward to the comfort zone ones. They should be fun… look back on anyway. I'm sure I'll hate them when I'm in the situation, but it'll be worth it to push myself, and they should make for fun viewing for you guys.

    Thanks the support as always. Good luck to you and your 2016 goals!

    I look forward to catching up with you soon at the next FIRE Escape!


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 7th January 2016

    Hi Jon,

    How's it going? I hope you're well!

    Thank you so much. How are things progressing for you? Drop me an email, as I would love to know!

    Speak soon

  • Tawcan

    Reply Reply 7th January 2016

    I'll have to watch the video later. The 2016 goals look just as challenging as your 2015's. Looking forward to seeing your progress.

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 7th January 2016

    Thanks Tawcan. Enjoy!

  • Banksy

    Reply Reply 8th January 2016

    Hi Huw,

    Really enjoyed reading your goals, best of luck with them!

    Was just wondering what thought process was on looking to buy a BTL property? Have the recent tax changes not put you off (especially as it looks like you'll be a HR tax payer)? I wouldn't be surprised if there were more to come as well, attacking BTL seems an easy political score, the government wants to be seen to be helping frustrated first time buyers against generally disliked landlords.

    I considered it a couple of years ago but decided against it due to low net yields (on the property I was looking at) and the potential hassle. I would basically have been banking on rising house prices, which to be fair would be a pretty good bet due to the chronic lack of house building.

    In the end I stuck with stocks & shares in an ISA for simplicity (and no CGT on sale) then used a property fund to get some exposure to property.

    All the others are very impressive!

  • EdwardJBean

    Reply Reply 8th January 2016

    Hey Huw, happy 2016 to you and Lou.

    Great set of goals – I tried your approach a few months ago and found that I had just too many to keep track of and actively manage! Instead I have distilled it down to a top 5 or 6 goals for the year, and will deal with a similar number of monthly sub-goals to help achieve this. It helps that every set of four weeks is neatly separated out for me.

    For the goals that you didn't achieve, rather than looking at them as failed, maybe you could allocate a percentage achieved to them – with such a large list I would expect 80+% to be something to be proud of.

    With regards to our 2015 goals – there is under £1k left in the mortgage! Once I get back home we look forward to walking into the bank and telling them how we see it. I might try and pay it down to around £1 nominal value and then try to pay for the rest off with postage stamps, and see how that goes down.

    With respect to buy-to-let: make sure that run your numbers first. I suspect the reasons for clamping down are simply to do with the numbers: general inflation and GDP rise are running much lower than house price inflation. Wind this forward over several years and a couple of percentage points difference becomes a situation where renting, rather than buying, becomes the normal situation for most families. I expect further measures to dampen this market. If you do still buy, make sure that you manage it yourself and that it is close enough to fix minor problems yourself. This can be the difference between making decent money, and just covering a mortgage.

    The debate over whether to include house equity in your "freedom fund" total is a hotly debated one. Mentally I do, as otherwise I would be spending money on renting – so I treat it as an asset which I am getting an income from by letting it to myself (and I am the best tennant that I could ever hope for). For me, this is sufficient exposure to the housing market as it is, and I echo the previous posts sentiment that any further exposure will be through index funds. Remember – a mortgage is a form of leverage; it can be used to magnify losses as well as gains.

    Hopefully see you and the other members of the FIREing squad at some point later this year!

    P.S. – love the way that you blanked out all of the details on your cheque… except your signature. Presume that you are happy with this being freely available in the public domain?

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 8th January 2016

    Thanks Neil!

    I plan on diversifying my long term investment strategy by having money in property and shares. I want to benefit from leveraging money, pulling money out from capital gains after 5-10 years and buying more property.

    My strategy is for income, so I plan on buying low priced houses/flats, and renting them out long term. I don't want to rely on house price increases either, so the income is important.

    I can continue to invest in my S&S ISA, but I'd like to build a small portfolio to begin with and review the income/effort involved to see if it's something I'd like to expand or not. A lot of people have done extremely well with property and I'd like to see if I can too.

    Thanks again for the kind words and support. Good luck to you and your goals for 2016!


  • Richard

    Reply Reply 9th January 2016

    We have a number of BTL properties which we have had for quite some time. When we look at the income we get from our various income streams, BTL stands out like a beacon as been the one with the most hassle and work for the income. One of our 2016 plan/goals is to start off loading them in the most tax efficient way possible, speaking to an accountant, one of the ways discussed was us selling our main home (something we are planning on doing anyway) and moving in to one of our BTL for a period of time to avoid GCT. I don't know the full implications of this yet but is something we are seriously looking at.

    We won't offload all the BTL initially, maybe get it down to 3-4 as it offers a degree of diversification and further options later on in life. For us at least the hassle of trying to look after all the houses and the calls from tenants is getting too much. This is largely because we have reached FI (without the income from BTL) and are now working on RE. Part of our RE plan is extensive travel which does not lend itself to self managed BTL. We have tried two separate management companies to look after them and find the income yield drops to around 4%, management fees and their ridiculous costs for repairs/call outs eat heavily into the profits.

    For me the hassle factor of BTL was never really there and understood until we realised how easy and hassle free making money from fx trading, stock market, kindle and the biggest one by far affiliate marketing was. We currently make more from affiliate marketing than we do from all our BTL houses.

    Having said all that we are all different, have different objectives, likes and desires in life and what suits one may not suit another. Having been in BTL for 14 years I can say that it most certainly is not the same now as it was then. Is there good money to be made in BTL, definitely yes. However, there are now far easier ways to make money

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 9th January 2016

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your feedback here. I respect your viewpoint, as I'm aware of your experience and I'll certainly take note.

    When I'm unsure about anything, I step back and ask what I want from the situation. In this case. I want money in property, as it isn't directly correlated with shares/stocks. I'm interested in income investment streams, and I know people that have done very well with it.

    It's great to hear from someone that's done it / or is doing it on a scale I would admire to work towards, and is recommending to view alternatives due to time constraints and yield. I'd be an idiot to completely dismiss that! I'm not in a position currently to purchase a property, but I will be in 3-6 months. At that point I'll review my options and run the numbers. I'm looking for a 10%+ yield ideally.

    The one option I'm considering at the moment with or instead of a property purchase is Saving Stream. They are a P2P lending company for property developers. They offer a guaranteed 12% ROI, and have yet to suffer from any defaults, and their charges are very small. One of my coaching clients has a considerable sum with them and highly recommended them. It's fair to say I will invest with them, and if the numbers don't stack up to B2L, it'll end up being a lot!

    I can't help by be admired by what you've achieved Richard. Your situation is inspiring and I know you've grafted a lot to make that happen! Congratulations!

    I REALLY want to talk to you about affiliate marketing at some stage as it's something I haven't invested a lot of time into yet. Let me know if you're free to catch up on Skype at some stage!

    Keep up the great work, and thanks for sharing your experience. It's greatly appreciated!


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 9th January 2016


    I'm laughing my ass off with your cheque comment. I didn't even consider the signature. Oh well!

    Wow, you are truly rocking it with the mortgage. Congrats both! Outstanding effort! I must encourage you to go with the stamp paying option. Love it!

    Thanks for sharing your views on B2L. Richard offered a great insight above, and I'd be stupid not to take on board your comments. Either way, I'll be putting money into property this year – for that I'm certain!

    Yes FIRE Escape, has once again slipped out of my consciousness, but I will ensure there are 3 set up this year. First one around Mar/Apr. I hope you can make it.

    Please let me know when you finally go mortgage free. I'm sure the other readers who met you in person would love to know too.


  • weenie

    Reply Reply 9th January 2016

    Hi Huw

    To give you a different perspective on BTL from Richard's, I have just one property and for me, once I'd purchased and furnished the property and it was let out, it's pretty much been passive income for me for the past 4-5 years.

    My yield is around 6-7%, gross is around 11% so yeah, property management does eat into your income but I'm happy to pay it so I don't have the hassle factor which blights BTLs.

    That said, I'm not so sure I'd dive in and get another property now.

    As Ed says, it's really important to do your sums and weigh up the pros and cons. Higher rental yields are usually more likely in properties up north but whether you would want your properties to be managed at arms' length is another matter. It can be done successfully of course – my sisters live on the other side of the world and have managed properties in the UK!

    Anyway, I'm with you Huw, Richard's situation is really inspiring – I can't wait to see how he and Alison get on with their early retirement!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 9th January 2016

    Great to hear some more feedback on this Weenie. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm really interested in people's thoughts who are currently in B2L.

    Yes, Richard is rocking it and I'm very inspired!

    Thanks again

  • Bill

    Reply Reply 11th January 2016

    Huw – well done on good progress in 2015. I am impressed at your 2016 income goal – esp. as it implies earning >£10k pm by the end of the year!
    One request for you – any chance you could propose some dates for your three (!) gatherings a.s.a.p., to give me as much chance as possible of attending? I hope to bring a friend too but will need quite a bit of notice to get the necessary pink slips.

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 11th January 2016

    Thank you Bill!

    As I've mentioned above, they're just goals currently, and I need to back up my commitments with action and results. I'm excited and confident though!

    I'll do my best to get the Spring one out now. The difficulty is finding a suitable place that ticks the boxes we need and they all require deposits. I fronted the deposit last time, but I don't want to make a habit out of that.

    As far as planning the summer and autumn in advance – I could put dates out there but due to deposit payments, availability etc, I can't guarantee that we would keep to the date later tin the year.

    The whole FIRE Escape needs more of my time, and I've put it on the back burner while I work on other areas of my business. I need to sit down and re-think how I can commit to doing a better job with organising them in advance, without it eating into too much of my time. Thanks for the prompt, and I hope to see you again this year!


  • Richard

    Reply Reply 11th January 2016


    I have just seen your comments on here about getting in contact.

    As part of my 2016 goals I have decided to tackle my technology overload and lead a simpler life. The mobile has gone as has Facebook, twitter and Skype. I have also been limiting my internet usage and is the reason for just seeing your post until now.

    I will send you an email.


  • M from There's Value

    Reply Reply 11th January 2016

    Hi Huw,

    Great to see some lofty goals for 2016! Looking forward to seeing your progress, add I'm 100% confident you will achieve abating things this year.

    Just to echo what many have said about BTL… The coming tax changes mean ca. 200k landlords will be giving up on it, thus flooding the market with new properties by next year.

    May I suggest you look into commercial property as an alternative? Also use your business to manage the property instead of it being under your own name (this would require a simple change in your business classification, as I'm assuming it's currently registered as a publications Ltd co.)


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 11th January 2016

    Hi Richard,

    Ha ha. No worries! I thought you were just not interested. 🙂

    I love the 2016 goals by the way.

    Speak soon hopefully!


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 11th January 2016

    Hey M,

    Thank you very much! I have a lot to do but I'm well up for it!

    Great insight as always M. I appreciate you sharing your views and I'll be sure to look into that as an option once I have some capital to deploy. I hadn't give it any thought prior to your comment.


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