Kindle Coaching & My Current Kindle Earnings

I hope you all had a great weekend!

I released a Youtube video over the last few days, and I wanted to share it with you all on FFB40. I’m now officially setting time aside each week to help other people 1-to-1 with Kindle Publishing. 

To ensure that I don’t overcommit I’ve restricted myself to only taking on 4 coaching clients at any one time. 
 I believe with 4 clients I can provide a ‘huwge’ amount of value whilst allowing myself time to continue growing my Kindle business and work on other projects. 

If you’re interested, please complete the form below.

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My Kindle History

I’ve been doing Kindle Publishing since Dec 2014. My initial goal was to earn enough money on the side to cover my living expenses by Dec 2015, which at the time was a lofty goal for me. I’m pleased to say I achieved that goal within 6 months, and I left my 9-5 job at the start of October to work full time in my Publishing business. 

I have 70+ ebooks, 40+ paperback books and 20+ audio books selling on Amazon and other platforms. 

I don’t say this to sound dramatic or sell my services, as those of you that know me will have seen the change, but Kindle Publishing has changed my life! It’s given me the freedom to become my own boss and earn a wage I never thought possible working part time. 

You can look back at my progression since December on this very Blog to see the step by step progress. 

Over the last year, I’ve been on numerous courses, had 1-to-1 coaching with a number of experienced publishers, I’ve coached some people on Kindle and I’m now ready to officially launch my coaching services to you all. 

I’ve been able to start from scratch and fully replace my income in less than a year, and I’m ready to help other people achieve the same success, and hopefully more by avoiding the same pitfalls I fell into! 

I hired my first 1 to 1 coach in June 2015, and had I worked with someone sooner, I’m confident that I would have left my job earlier and be earning more money right now.

If you’re interested in earning more money on the side with Kindle Publishing, click on the link below and fill in a brief questionnaire. 
>>Click Here For The Application Form<<

Kindle Earnings

For the month of November, my earnings have just got better and better throughout the month – Unsurprisingly due to me put more time and effort back into the business! 

As of today, with 1 day to go, I’m on £1,850 for the month on Kindle income alone. I might tip over the £1,900 mark by the end of today. My 9-5 job earned me on average £1,950 a month (after tax, pension, salary sacrifice, student loan) over the course of this year. My main goal this year is to at least match my average income from my previous job with Kindle alone and it looks like I might be a fraction short of that for November, but I should surpass that in December comfortably. Especially with my renewed focus and time. 

The last 7 days have resulted in my best ever earnings since I’ve started this Kindle venture. When I added up my ebook, paperback and audio sales for 22-28th November, it came to £610. I’m delighted with this, but I know that I can continue to grow this number in Dec and 2016. 

Once I’ve surpassed my average wage in my last job, I’ll be gunning for my biggest ever employed monthly wage = £2,900, and then I want to push on and earn over £5,000 a month. I would not be able to earn this type of money in the job that I had without multiple years of hard work and many promotions. I’m planning on earning £5k a month by the middle of next year and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted with how I get on. 

So, what would you like to earn on the side?

I went into Kindle Publishing as an experiment to see if it could yield the massive numbers people claimed to earn in the States, and all I can say is that I’m proof that significant sums can be made working part time (2-4 hours a day).

If you would like to explore Kindle Publishing, complete the questionnaire below and let’s talk!

If you have any questions about the coaching please leave a comment below or contact me via the contact form on the right hand side of the Blog page. 


  • Richard

    Reply Reply 30th November 2015


    It is very inspiring to see how you have grown your Kindle business over this past year. No one I know deserves the rewards you are now reaping more. You are proof that hard work, a dogged determination and goal setting works.

    This past couple of months I have thrown myself 100% into Kindle (yes the house building has stopped completely). I am spending a good 6 hours a day through the week and 12-14 hours a day at weekends on this topic. However, my concentration has shifted this past few weeks to using my books as lead generation for other ventures (I am looking at permafree on Kindle by uploading my books to nook, kobo, iTunes etc. for £0 then getting Amazon to price match). That said I am seeing the same month on month revenue increases on my books that you saw in the early days.

    Because of the approach that I am taking at present I want to pursue what I am doing for the rest of this year. Once we are into the New Year I will take you up on your course as I know I am far too pedantic on details that don’t really matter. Plus I am at a stage where I need to start using a VA.

    Good luck


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 30th November 2015

    Hi Richard,

    Great to hear from you. I hope all is well!

    Thank you for the kind words, I'm sure I deserve that, but it's very nice to hear.

    It looks like you're cranking things up yourself and I have no doubt you'll see the same levels of success too.

    Perma free books a great strategy for building emails list for affiliate marketing. I haven't done many, but I have implemented the strategy and have started to see some traction.

    I look forward to catching up with you soon and hearing how you're getting on with everything. Keep plugging away and the rewards will take care of themselves!

    My goal for December is to launch my online course and I'm hoping this format will reach more people than I currently can by 1 to 1 coaching. Anyone that takes me up on 1 to 1 coaching will be given the course free of charge when I launch it as they've put faith into me.

    I've got 2 x applications in so far and I'm looking forward to setting up our initial consultations and seeing them start the same journey I did almost a year ago now.

    Best wishes

  • weenie

    Reply Reply 2nd December 2015

    Hi Huw

    Great to hear how well you are doing with your Kindle Publishing and that you are likely to hit your income goal in December – that will be fantastic and well deserved.

    Also interesting to see how you have already inspired Richard and to hear that he is doing well with his books!

    I like the idea of getting into Kindle Publishing myself but I wouldn't get into it unless I know I can give my 100% and right now, with uncertainty at work, I'll be too destracted to give it my all, in terms of energy and time. Easy to say that you can do just 2-4 hours but just as easy to get sucked in, ie like Richard!

    Good plan with just taking on 4 clients to not take on more than you can chew.

    Can't wait to follow your progress to that £5k a month! 🙂

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 2nd December 2015

    Thanks Weenie!

    I came very close to hitting the goal in November in the end. I predict something close to the £1,920 mark. That will be confirmed later this month.

    I have no doubt that Richard will make a success of it too. He does everything with such passion and effort it's a certainty. I hope to catch up with him about it soon.

    Kindle Publishing work can take over your life if you let it. You can always source more books to write, or change your current books, re-promote books, build your author platforms, sell different products to email lists etc. You can however tic along and do an hour or 2 a day. I like the flexibility it offers, but it's hard not to get absorbed into it!

    I will hit £5k a month for sure. It's just a matter of time and putting the work in now. I won't stop there either. I want to continuing making as much money from Kindle as I can whilst the opportunity is still there to do so and as long as I continue to enjoy it.

    I see it as a short term venture – 2-5 years perhaps – who know's what I can earn in that space of time!!! It's very exciting.

    Thanks as always for your support!


  • M from There's Value

    Reply Reply 12th December 2015

    well done Huw. it's great to see your progress is steadily marching onwards and upwards. I'm really looking forward to hearing how you progress with the coaching/course stuff and how that feeds back into your publishing business. Also, as Weenie said, great to see that Richard also got his teeth into it and is making great progress too.



  • Kevin Hughes

    Reply Reply 12th December 2015

    Hi Huw,

    Well done on your progress. You have been such Inspiration for me since I found you via Dalton. Been UK based to can totally relate to a lot of things. Been working with Dalton for last 5 or 6 weeks and just got my first book published and defo a big help having the 1 on 1 coaching. My goal like you is to match my day job income with my ultimate goal to eat the £5000 a month.

    How many have you on your lists now?

    Keep doing what your doing and updating us all here. I keep checking to see when the next gathering is 🙂


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 12th December 2015

    Hey Kevin,

    How's it going?!

    Thank you so much for the kind words. That means a lot!

    Congratulations on getting your first book out. It's a big milestone, and one worth celebrating. Well done!

    My lists need work, I know what's required, I've just been spending my time in different areas, I have less than 200 overall.

    Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you every success. Please keep me posted with your progress. I love hearing about it.


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 12th December 2015

    Thanks M!

    I've ended up coaching 5 people, as I have a problem saying 'no'! I'm loving it so far. It's actually given me a boost to talk to new starters about the process.

    This has been my best month to date, and I want to continue breaking records each month and see how high I can go.

    I'm wanting to catch up with Richard myself and hear how he's doing.

    Hopefully the course will be out by year end. I'm cutting it tight, but it's more important that I do a good job on it first.

    Hope all is well with you!


  • Montecristo

    Reply Reply 15th December 2015

    Hey Huw. Amazing progress on the e-books. Just a quick question. How long (words wise) do you make your books? I have quite a few ideas for books I want to try out, which I think could be profitable, but I'm lacking in some of the practicalities. I saw 4000 words suggested online, but that seems too short for people to consider they've got good value, even for 0.99…

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 15th December 2015

    Hey Montecristo,

    Thank you very much!

    Length isn't as important as quality. I don't have a set word count per say. I look into niches, and find comparative books and assess how I can re-purpose and beat the competition in a number of areas. If those books are all 20,000+ I might need to write a book around that length at least to compete on a perceived value and content front. If all the books are 8-10k words, 12k+ words might be enough for me to differentiate myself.

    As a general rule 4k words is way too short yes. It used to work 2 years ago, but not now. I currently don't write anything under 10,000 words.

    Best of luck!

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