I’ve Quit My 9-5 Job, Now What? Part 1

This is actually happening now. It doesn’t feel real just yet, but it soon will. 

A couple of months ago I told my manager that I had plans to do Kindle Publishing full time as the income was starting to become more significant. She had previously talked about creating a role within the office for a manager who didn’t ‘people-manage’, but took care of reports, research, tasks etc. I said that if she was still interested in creating the role, and felt I was a worthy suit, then I would be more than willing to put my name forward for it. Taking a step away from the full time 9-5 lifestyle is a huge step for most people. I felt a transition to 3 days a week in my current office, would allow me to keep working for a company I love, whilst I could take my Kindle business to the next level by putting in a couple of extra days. 

It become clear in June that the suggested move to 3 days a week, might not be a good move for me.

I needed to quit altogether!

How did I come up with that idea?!

I paid for my first ever 1-to-1 Coach to help me with my Kindle business on Friday 29th May, and that’s where it all changed for me. Half way through June, I took stock of where my sales were and predicted that if I were to repeat what I did for the first half of the month, I would make just over ยฃ500, which I would have been delighted with. It actually turned out that I made an ‘unconfirmed’ ยฃ749 instead! This is twice what I earned in the previous month. This was a real game changer for me. 

For those of you that have followed me for a while, you’ll be aware that I run a fairly tight ship when it comes to expenses, and even though I’ve been less concerned with driving my expenses down this year, they’re still below ยฃ900 a month. My Kindle Income is now getting to the stage where it will cover my expenses and continue to rise to a level of what I’m earning in my day job. I’ve only just learned how to do this thing properly, and I’m doing it part time. What could I achieve if I went at it full time?!

I sat down with Lou, got my spreadsheets out and went through what I could earn, conservatively, from Kindle over the next few months. What I was scheduled to earn in my day job and if I was in a position to leave my job all together?

Kindle Income
The Kindle income is close to covering all of my expenses, and if I can increase my kindle income by 20% over two months, I should earn enough from Kindle alone to cover my average monthly expenses. My month to month increases from Kindle have been no lower than 65% currently, and they’ve tented to be closer to doubling each month.    

The timing right now is great because I’ve got 2 bumper pay packets coming up in August and September, which should provide a nice surplus of disposable income for investing in Kindle and covering any shortfalls in any expenses. 

Some might say my expenses are low, but they could be lower. If it were a competition, or something on the line, I could get it down to ยฃ750 on average in my estimation. If I need to curb spending for 2-6 months, I will!

Lou has been unbelievable throughout all of this. She has not once told me not to go for it. She backs me 100%, and has even said she’ll cover me if needed, if it gets a little rough. What a lucky guy I am! She couldn’t be more supportive.
They always say behind any good man is a great women. Now I’m not a great man, but if I were, this statement would be right! ๐Ÿ™‚

After all of the analysis and reviewing the ‘what ifs’ it was clear that it was not only a distinct possibility, but I should probably go for it!

The Cautious Huw was telling me to work part time in a non-management role at my company. I enjoy working there, it would cover my expenses and I could ramp things up with Kindle at the same time. I’d get the best of both worlds without the risk. 

The Adventurous Huw was telling me to go for it full time. If I worked part time for now, I probably wouldn’t need the security in 6-12 months with what I could earn with Kindle, so why not go full steam ahead and make it your life now. Find a way to make it work!

They both had good points……

…….I went with Adventurous Huw!

Handing in my notice

I talked to my manager about my ‘new’ plans to quit my job altogether at the end of August. I was concerned that there would be a lot of work involved for her creating a brand new role from scratch, and I didn’t feel comfortable knowing that I might leave when my Kindle Income surpasses my current income at work. If she wanted to do the role regardless then it would have been fine, but I didn’t want her doing it just to accommodate me. 

She’s one of the best manager’s I’ve ever had, and stood true to that fact by offering her support and encouragement to follow my dreams and do what I needed to do. She asked me if she could have a couple of days to think about how we could wrap things up and I happily agreed. 

She came back to me 2 days later with a counter-offer. August is a very quiet time in our business, and September/October is one of the busiest periods of the entire year. She asked me if I would be willing to stay on in September, work 2 days a week, to help train my replacement, as it was a crucial time for them. In turn she would grant me a 3 day a week working schedule in August. I talked to Lou about the proposal that evening and within minutes I knew that the offer made sense. I told my boss the following day that I was happy to agree to those terms and thanked her for helping me out. I said I would be willing to stay on as long as it took (working 2 days a week) to train the new person up. I would change working days as required, and if it went into October then I was fine with that as well. I want to leave that office in a better place than I came into it. I even offered to help out in a consultancy based capacity as and when they needed me from October onwards. I know that I don’t need to do that, and many others wouldn’t, but it’s important for me to know that the company can count on me if they need anything. 

Some people might use the opportunity I have to go into their managers office and have the big “F U” moment. Nothing could be further from my mind. I love the company I work for. I work with some great people and there is a part of me that will be very sad to leave it all behind. 

So why leave?

With all that I’ve said above, nothing will replace working for myself. I’m currently paid based on the performance of my team. I have some unbelievable staff working for me, and I have people that aren’t that fussed about the job. Their priority is socialising or having fun over results. I’m very complimentary about my job, but it isn’t perfect. It’s a big company that has it’s share of bureaucracy, frustrations and limitations. I wouldn’t want to work for another company, but I hope I can create a life where I fully support myself and don’t need to go back to 9-5 security. I won’t say ‘never’, but I hope I can work this out myself. 

I want to do the things that I’m passionate about. Life’s too bloody short and I want to do something I’m truly proud of. I want to help change the lives of others, spend time focusing on my passions, and working towards FI before I’m 40. I feel going it alone gives me the best chance of that happening. 

Telling The Team

As I write this post now on Tuesday 14th July, my boss and I will announce my decision to the team. None of them know about it, and I think they’ll be shocked. People know that I invest and that I’d like to retire early, but that’s about it. I here people mention that I’m a ‘lifer’ with this company, and if I cut myself I would bleed the colours of the company. They won’t see this coming!

We’ll announce it at 10am, and I have to say I feel really nervous about it. I’m going to face a lot of questions, and possibly some upset people. My boss thinks that some people are going to struggle with me leaving, but I’m sure that won’t be the case. It might be a little sad initially, but I’ll still be around for a few months yet, and I might even be popping in to help every now and then too. It isn’t goodbye forever. 

With all that said, there is something quite sad about the whole thing. I’ve been there over 7 1/2 years now, and I have changed more in my life in that time than I can remember. I’m a completely different human being now. My employer, colleagues and managers have all had a big part to play in my life and I will be eternally grateful to them.

Now What?

I wouldn’t be surprised if my plans alter between now and September. I really don’t know what’s going to happen to be honest. It’s all very exciting (and scary)! 

These are my next steps currently:

  • Tell the team
  • Start working 3 days a week in August
  • Go down to 2 days a week in September
  • Support the office until a suitable transition has been made

I have a whole list of things to keep me busy of that period away from work including – Finialising location for the York Gathering, setting up a FFB40  Blog on a Bloggerless platform, set up a Kindle publishing company, start coaching, upscale my current Kindle business, start creating a Kindle Publishing course, start a Youtube Channel for FFB40, set up the Down South UK Gathering in Sep/Oct and I’m sure there’s some other stuff too. 

Wow, I’m going to be busy! York is right at the top of my list currently people, please don’t despair at my lack of communication on it. I can’t wait to meet you all again and see what you’ve all been up to over the last 6 months or so. 

Thank you all so much for the kind words of support through this transition, it’s amazing to receive such encouraging messages. 

I’ll let you know how today goes with the team, and the latest on the York Gathering. Stay tuned!

What would you do in my situation? Is this all crazy or does it strangely make a lot of sense? I’d love to get your thoughts on it!


  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Inspirational as usual Huw

    Just goes to show that if you have the passion and drive and really go for it there are no limits to what can be achieved.

    When you start Kindle coaching let me know and I will sign up.

    All the best for today and look forward to the York gathering.


  • The Big Monkey

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Well done Huw. Things are moving quickly for you. You are also very luck to have the support of Lou.

    I look forward to following future developments.

  • Jim McG

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Go for it Huw. Your post reminded me of the adage "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day for the rest of your life". Much as you seem to have enjoyed your current role, it's clearly not been enough to keep you from thinking about working for yourself and, until you test those waters, you won't be content. Seems to me you just had to do what you've done! Best of luck with it.

  • sparklebeeblog

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Wow Huw…I wasn't expecting this one – although in one of your recent posts you said that your kindle income was looking so good you could reduce your retirement age target. I am really impressed with how much you are making through kindle books, how much you are enjoying it and what a great income stream it has become, well done. My writing style is too poor to consider e-books authoring. My blog illustrates this ๐Ÿ˜‰ My talents are in more artistic pursuits – so looking at photography, card design and crafts.

    You have been fortunate to work where you have a great manager and colleagues. The ability to talk openly and now be in a position where you are offered the chance to work a few days a week over a few months is great. They value you and the option to possibly work occasionally for them in the future is a fab position to be in.

    I hope that today will not be too upsetting. It isn't until you realise you are leaving and talk openly with others you see what an effect it has on YOU – not just your colleagues who will be hearing the news today. The fact that you are phasing the leaving will help and give you a "slow release" from the workplace.

    Good luck and all the best. I look forward to posts on your post 9-5 working world.


  • weenie

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    One word – Wow!

    I applaud your decision which is absolutely the right one because you have the drive and the passion to succeed. It's fabulous that you have Lou's full support – no doubt she has a big hand in your success!

    You are bravely heading into the exciting unknown, although it's not really that unknown as you have a clear idea of your potential projected income from Kindle ebook sales.

    Working part-time over the next couple of months will provide some extra income and I understand why you would want to make yourself available to help out your colleagues past October, as many are your friends who you socialise with (you'll have to continue with your monthly lads' night out!) and your boss has been most understanding and supportive of your wishes. No bridges burnt there!

    I can't even say what I would do in your situation as I've never had any yearning to work for myself – I don't think I'd make a very good boss, lol!

    Hope the announcement went ok today – I look forward to seeing how you get on with your next projects, eg the Youtube Channel etc – exciting times and I'll be following you every step of the way!

  • Getting Fired

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Awesome work Huw. If you want to link one of your books, I'd love to support this with a purchase.

  • Huw,

    Well done for making this decision; I am sure you will not regret it. This will give you the chance to truly pursue your own independent lifestyle – as you have been aiming for with all your investments and kindle business in the first place. This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity to take the bull by the horns so to speak – GO FOR IT (I know you will).

    Best of luck with it all in the coming months – looking forward to catching up in person in York.


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Thank you so much Richard!

    My mindset shift has been one of the biggest factors in my success this year. I heard a lot of people say "it's all in the mind" or words to that effect, but I'm totally sold on that now. If you want something in life, go and get it. Don't stop learning, improving and pushing until you get your desired outcome. The only way I can 'fail' is by stopping. If I continue to move forward, I can only succeed.

    I'm not sure if I can hold you liable to a written agreement to my coaching, but I might have to hold you to that!

    Once it's all up and running it would be my pleasure to help you in any way I can.

    Thanks again for all the support over the months. It's comments like this that keep me pushing forward. I appreciate it so much!

    See you soon!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Hi BM,

    Thank you so much! They certainly are moving quickly. I've had a couple of sh#t my pants moments already now that this is all coming to a head, but it's all part of the process. Bring it on I say!

    I am SOOOOO lucky to have Lou by my side. Having a supportive and encouraging partner is huge, and this would have been difficult to do without her by my side.

    I'll keep you posted, and I look forward to seeing you again soon.


    PS. I hope you both had a top time in Scotland! (Did you buy it?)

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Hi Jim McG, (I love that name by the way)

    I couldn't have said it better myself. I can't wait to get out there and help other people. I've been doing it in my day job for almost 8 years now, but there's something different about doing it with people all over the world. (That's with helping people with finances, not the other 'doing it')

    I need to do this. This is a life changing decision that will make me into a completely different person. I have to find out if I have what it takes. I think that I do, but there's only one way to find out.

    I'm going to drop you an email very soon about York.

    Thank you once again

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Hi Sparklebee,

    Thanks for the kind words!

    I thought I was onto something with Kindle, but its results have surprised me. There is a huge potential to continue making a good living from it, and I'm looking forward seeing what I can do. I plan on helping other people out and creating further income from coaching and developing my own course. I have so much work to do!

    I have been very lucky to work for a great company, have a great boss, and also work with great people. I'm a very open person in general, so it's helped that I could just speak to her honestly about everything.

    Today was very difficult. It got all emotional for a lot of people. My boss, started crying after a couple of sentences and I had to step in and explain what I was doing…… only to start welling up myself. I gained a 'little' composure and finished off explaining why I was leaving, my goals and how I loved working with everyone. I think the team were in shock more than anything as they weren't expecting it. I had a nice round of applause for what I was doing and it was followed by some lovely comments and emails from the team. Today, I've felt very loved and supported, and in a way it makes my decision that much harder. If they were a bunch of idiots, this would be so much easier!

    I've had a little 'moment' of what the hell am I doing tonight and I've gotten a bit emotional but this is a big move for me, it's going to impact in me not spending time with people I care about and it's completely normal. This is all part of the process. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. The slow release that you describe will make it all more palatable, and I'm sure everyone will be fine (myself included) in time.

    Thank you so much for the kind words of support. It means a great deal!


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Hey Weenie,

    The decision was made that much easier with having Lou at my side. She's been amazing!

    The big wide world awaits. I have to confess to being a little nervous about it all but that's probably a good (and natural) thing. I'm sure in time it will become normal like most things do.

    It's really important to me to leave things in a good way for that company. I don't know why, but it's important. I'll help them out as much as I can and if I need to continue into Oct, then that's what I'll do. The monthly lads night is on for this Friday. Poker is back on the 'cards' (pun intended), and I hope to continue organising and attending as many of them as possible.

    Weenie, I'm sure you'd make a great boss! You care about people, and that counts for a lot when you're leading a team.

    Today was really tough for me, and it still feels weird. It all got emotional. My boss couldn't get past her 2nd line before crying. I tried taking over explaining what I was doing, and I got all choked up. We worked our way through it, and although it was sad to be starting to say goodbye to everyone, the reception I had was fantastic, and made me feel truly appreciated. I spent a bit of time with some upset staff members to reassure them that I'll always be contactable if needed, and they won't get rid of me that easily. Saying goodbye on my last day is going to be horrible! I will cherish these next two months.

    Weenie, I have so many plans, so little time, and so much energy I don't know what to do with myself. I'll give you all an update of what I have planned very soon.

    Thank you once again for all of your support for the time you've been commenting on this Blog. You play a big part in driving me forward with your encouragement and kind words!

    Speak soon!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Hi M,

    Thank you for the support and the encouraging words. I'm sure you're right, I will not regret this big move. It won't be easy initially, but it'll be totally worth it in the end!

    Where's that bull, I'm ready!

    I appreciate you stopping by and I look forward to seeing you again very soon

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 14th July 2015

    Hi Getting fired,

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate the gesture.

    I'll bank your support for when I release my own book later in the year. Once I go to working part time, I'll finish off the work I've done and let you know how to find it.

    That's a very kind offer, and thank you for stopping by!


  • Cerridwen

    Reply Reply 15th July 2015

    A bold and brave move Huw, but one which you've obviously considered very carefully. All the very best of luck (although I'm sure you won't need it :-))

  • The Big Monkey

    Reply Reply 15th July 2015

    Hi Huw,

    It's only natural to have a few sh!t your pants moments. I usually have them at 4.00am in the morning.

    The trip to Scotland was great. Catching up with friends etc. The house was nice, but not that nice. The search goes on.

    Hopefully we will catch up with you both soon.



  • Mr Zombie

    Reply Reply 15th July 2015

    Good work Huw! Things are moving fast in the right direction for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sure it will all work out amazing, you've been making nearly enough doing it alongside a full time job.

    Will be interesting hearing your thoughts through the transition into working for yourself full time over the next few months ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep on posting.

    Mr Z

  • Tawcan

    Reply Reply 15th July 2015

    Wow, very bold move and way to go for taking such move. This is one way for you to get closer to financial independence by 40. Congrats on the move.

  • That's fantastic! Just even being in the position to have those options is great. Most people just dream of being in that situation but you're getting to experience it. I think the current plan is probably the best route as it gets you a lot of what you want for freedom and being able to focus on your Kindle business but also lets you maintain a bit of stability with just part-time work. Plus it's planned to be a short time frame so you'll get to see if part-time might be a better option for you than you think. Who knows? But you've put yourself into a wonderful position to try it out. Congrats on the change!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 18th July 2015

    Hey Mr Z,

    Thank you very much. They certainly are moving fast. It's crazy how things are changing for me, but I'm totally loving it!

    I'll be providing another update soon on how this week went when I told the team. It's been such a cool week in many ways. I aim t try and keep you all up to speed on how things are doing.

    Thanks again for the support!


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 18th July 2015

    Thanks Cerridwen!

    Yes, it wasn't an easy decision to make, but I just wanted to jump and have faith that their would be a net to catch me. Sticking with that analogy, I haven't umped yet, but I have confidence in my ability to make it work. It might be a little tight for a couple of months, but I'm sure I'll get there.

    Thank you for the well wishes! See you soon in York!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 18th July 2015

    Thanks Tawcan. I really appreciate it!

    I believe it is a step closer towards FI by 40. I might have to take a back step or two, but I have plenty of room to move forward now.

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 18th July 2015

    Hi PIP,

    Thank you so much for the kind words of support. I really appreciate it!

    I feel very fortunate to be in this position. You're right, this option does allow me to have the best of both worlds for now, and test what part time work is like. I'm not completely righting off the chance of staying with the company. I'm just done with 9-5, mon-fri. 2 or 3 days a week might work just fine, who knows. My hunch is the lure of the potential projects and significant earnings will result in me finishing my contract with my company and parting ways, but who knows. It's the right next step for me right now, and we'll see what happens.

    Thanks again for stopping by!


  • This is humongous news! (Or should that be Huw-mongous?!) ๐Ÿ™‚
    In a good way of course.

    Totally think you are doing the right thing. Hopefully in around a years time I will be able to join you in doing full time self employed… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think sh!t yourself moments make life interesting. If you don't occasionally think "woah what the hell am I doing" it means you are stagnating and probably just living a boring life doing the same thing as everyone else day in day out. As you say you only get one shot at this thing so you may as well go for it. There are risks but they've been considered carefully and it would be a big turnaround to see someone as driven and motivated for success, and having already achieved great results, somehow crash and burn.

    Having said that, best of luck to you obviously!

    Off to read about York plans now – see you there ๐Ÿ™‚

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