Dividend Income – June 2015

plan on recording my monthly dividend payments on this blog for you all to see. I earned £9.88 in the whole of 2013, £590.33 in 2014, and I have a goal to earn £2,000 in Dividends for 2015. This post will collate all of the dividends I’ve received this month and how I’m tracking against my Dividend Goals. I will reveal which companies have paid, and how much they’ve contributed. 

I have three accounts where I’m currently earning Dividends from – I have an ISA account with H&L and iWeb, and a taxable share account with iWeb. I didn’t receive any payments in my new ISA this month, but here are the numbers for my two other accounts. 

June Dividend Payments:
BAE Systems £33.95
BP £15.74
Centrica £30.16
Morrisons £66.38
Newton Asian Income Fund £6.89
Royal Dutch Shell B £23.68
Unilever £10.68
Loyalty Bonus £0.08
Total £187.56
iWeb CMI
Centrica £37.38
Total £37.38
Combined Total £224.94

May’s dividends were my best ever, and have made a considerable impact on my monthly average. June has been great month for me as I’ve produced my second highest dividend payout. At the end of April my average was £103.46, and thanks to the last couple of months it’s gone up to £163.11. To be on track with my 2015 Dividend Income Goal (£2,000) I need to bring in £167 per month. My dividend income is very sporadic so I’m not expecting to hit that amount every month, but I’m pleased to see my monthly average is now well within reach.  

Over the course of 2014, my dividends averaged £49.19 per month. I received a dividend payment in every month last year, so I can now make a Year-on-Year comparison for every month. In June last year I received £114.08. This represents a 97increase Year on Year. 

Dividends – 2015
January £83.47
February £56.22
March £172.36
April £101.80
May £339.89
June £224.94
2015 Total £978.68
2015 Average £163.11

I’m now right on track with my annual goal for dividends, I’m still uncertain if I’m going to hit it though. My forward dividends don’t reach that amount, and I’m going to be allocating surplus capital into Kindle until I can raise that income to a level that matches my current salary. 

There’s a chance that I won’t hit my goal due to this, but I’m looking at the bigger picture. I may fall short this year, but I intend on taking my investing to a NEW level next year when I’m earning more money working for myself. For June, my early calculations suggest I’ve earned something around £750 from Kindle, which I’ll get paid at the end of August. I’m likely to cover my expenses with Kindle income alone during July. This helps me out enormously! 

On the work front, I’ve talked to my boss once again about my position, and I plan on leaving my employment at the end of August. I’ve made the decision NOT to go part time and to focus all of my efforts on getting my business up and running. I’m very excited about this new chapter in my life, and who knows where I’m going to be with it all by the end of the year. I have two of my biggest pay checks at work coming up for August and September, both of which have significant bonuses in them. August’s will be my biggest ever monthly payment from employment. My Kindle income is now sufficient to cover my expenses, and by October/November, it might be close to a low wage I’d earn at work. 

believe in myself, and my ability to handle this transition, which I’m sure won’t be easy. It’ll be a lot of fun though!

Wish me luck!

PS. York is still 100% on, despite my lack of Blogging about it. I hope you’re all still looking forward to it. It’s only 6 weeks and change away now!

How was June for you? Have you hit your half way goal for the year? What do you plan on doing to make a difference for the rest of 2015? 


  • Tawcan

    Reply Reply 2nd July 2015

    Very solid amount of dividend income. You're doing great on your Kindle books. One of these days would love to attend these meetups if I am ever in UK. 🙂

  • A fantastic month, obviously die to being frugal and not wasting money on rubbish, but investing it into solid company stocks instead. Well done again.

    Our June was great, 8 different companies paid us dividends into just one of our accounts (the one I blog about on There's Value). That brought us £53.70 for the month, which means that we are just £1.05 behind our H1 target of £100. However, H2 contains many more dividend payments than H1, so we are sure to smash our £200 annual target for this account. We just need to keep going with our plans for all our accounts, and we will be fine and dandy!


  • UKinvestorgeek

    Reply Reply 3rd July 2015

    Wow – exciting news from you. Good to hear.
    Much as I was hoping to come to York alas I have just confirmed I will be away that weekend so can't join. Very sorry about that. I am a big fan of your work in co-ordinating meetups and can't wait for the next one.
    Keep up the good work!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 3rd July 2015

    Thank you Tawcan!

    You'd be more than welcome to come along if the timings ever work out. It would be great to meet you in person.

    All the best

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 3rd July 2015

    Thank you M!

    Great news from your end with regards to hitting your goals so early. Keep up the good work!


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 3rd July 2015

    Hi UKinvestorgeek,

    Not to worry, I'm hoping there will be plenty of other times to meet up. I want to continue doing them 3 times a year, so the next one is likely to be in Sep or early Oct, and that one will be down south.

    Thanks for stopping by and the kind words!

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply 3rd July 2015


    Another great dividend month well done.

    Your Kindle business is going from strength to strength and am very inspired by your drive and focus for this. Leaving work at the end of August is an incredible achievement and just goes to show that if you have a goal and vision and work like hell towards them that it will all fall into place.

    I have my 2nd Kindle book been written at present and have received my first ever payment from the 1st book. £0.29 will not make any significant changes to our lives, however, it is a start and along with reading about your success is giving me the inspiration required to pursue this.

    My dividends for June was £374.74 which I am delighted with and next few months are all solid dividend months. August 2014 was my first ever dividend paying month so it will be interesting to see how things compare as everything up to no has had nothing to compare too.

    I am very much looking forward to the meet in York. I dare say that the primary discussion topic may not be dividends.


  • Dividend Drive

    Reply Reply 3rd July 2015

    Really exciting news, Huw. I bet you're looking forward to it a lot!

    Another solid month as well. With both the Kindle and dividend income you are firing on all cylinders at present. That should help the transition away from work enormously! Very good luck with it! Can't wait to see your progress during this next phase!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 4th July 2015

    Hi Richard,

    Thank you very much. Yes, June was another great month for dividends. July will be much more modest.

    I'm delighted with where my Kindle business is heading. For a start, it's enabling me to leave my job in August and work for myself, which has always been a dream of mine. Granted it's not my 'Dream Job', but it will provide me with a platform that will enable me to eventually do my dream job.

    Congratulations on getting your 2nd book going. You're already doubled your chances of success by getting another book out in the market. The more books you create, the more likely you'll be to find a winning niche, the better you'll get at producing and promoting etc. I'm hoping that the vast experience I've gained from going through the publishing process will pay 'dividends' when I release my own books. I'm so pleased to hear I've helped you in some way!

    Further congrat's on your dividends Richard. Excellent numbers there, especially considering you started 11 months ago! I like comparing my YOY progress, it makes all the effort worthwhile when you look back at how you've progressed.

    I can't wait to see everyone again in York. It feels like it's been too long. Perhaps even more so with my lack of Blogging.

    Ha ha! I have a feeling that we 'might' discuss Kindle at some point!

    All the best

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 4th July 2015

    Hi D2,

    Thank you so much. Yes, I can't wait to see what life is going to be like on my own. It's scary but very exciting!

    Dividends were great for me. It's given my monthly average a nice boost, and I'm still in with a shot for the 2015 Goal.

    Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. It means a lot!


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