Net Worth & Freedom Fund – April 2015

Freedom Fund

The accounts below generate income for me, and my long term goal is for that income to increase to a level that covers my expenses on an annual basis. The amounts display the current value, not the cost. 
  • My expenses are currently approximately £10,000 per year (£833 per month). 
  • The average yield from my dividends is currently over 5%. To be conservative, I’ve based my Freedom Fund’s yield on 4%. 

In order to cover my expenses, I will need a portfolio worth £250,000. This will generate £10,000 a year of income. My goal is to achieve all of this by my 40th birthday which is 5/11/22

The numbers in the tables below were accurate as of 30th April 2015. 

Freedom Fund
H&L ISA £24,107.10
iWeb ISA £1,533.89
iWeb CMI £6,475.31
Peer to Peer Lending £85.58
Freedom Fund £32,116.30
% of Goal 12.85

My 2015 Freedom Fund Goal is £50,000 (20% of Target)
My Freedom Fund is back on track this month, and at an all time high. I bought shares in Amlin, received substantial dividends, and benefited from a minor increase in the market for my stock. 

My FF at the start of January was worth £25,030.75. After 4 months it’s increased to £32,116.30 (28.3% increase). I’m delighted with this increase, but if I were to carry on at this level I would fall short of my £50,000 Goal. I’m currently averaging an increase of £1,771 per month and if I continue with this amount for 8 months I’ll finish the year on £46,287. 

My Kindle income is increasing each month and I’m hoping that this will significantly increase my contributions in the second half of the year and help me hit the £50,000 total I’m after. 

Net Worth

My Net Worth includes the Freedom Fund, Company Pension, Cash Savings, and my Home Equity*. It doesn’t include valuables within the house, my car, joint accounts or any of Miss FFBF’s possessions and home equity. My Net Worth is funded solely by me.

My only liability outside of my mortgage is the Student Loan. 

*My Home equity is calculated by an estimate of our house price (reviewed monthly), minus the size of the mortgage (also reviewed monthly), and dividing my share of the home equity.

Net Worth
Freedom Fund £32,116.30
Company Pension £8,122.94
Cash Saving £3,603.84
Home Equity £20,936.20
Student Loan -£5,322.57
Net Worth £59,456.71
My 2015 Net Worth Goal is £80,000 

My Net Worth at the start of January 2015 was £52,315.10. After 4 months, it’s now increased to £59,456.71 (13.7% increase). 

In the minimal time I’ve been tracking my NW (5 months), my monthly average increase is £1,668. If I carry on with this level of increase, I’ll be on £72,800 at the end of December, which will put me short of my £80,000 target. I need to increase my average to £2,567 for 8 months to hit my desired total. 

Freedom Fund / Net Worth Tracker 

2014 Freedom Fund Net Worth
November £24,538.41 £51,113.76
December £25,030.75 £52,315.10
2015 Freedom Fund Net Worth
January £30,082.66 £54,815.13
February £31,265.05 £56,908.20
March £30,509.62 £57,539.95
April £32,116.30 £59,456.71
2015 Goals £50,000 £80,000

How was April for you? Are you on your way to hitting your goals this year?


  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply 7th May 2015


    Nice to see everything going in the right direction.

    I am quite sure you will hit your goals at year end.


  • Tawcan

    Reply Reply 7th May 2015

    Very solid increase after 4 months. Things are looking great for you. Keep it up!

  • weenie

    Reply Reply 8th May 2015

    Solid increase to your Net Worth and great to see your Freedom Fund back on track.

    Looks like your Kindle income will be key to achieving your goals but as this is likely to increase as time goes by and you will surely reap your rewards from your hard work.

    Hope you have a good weekend!

  • Dividend Drive

    Reply Reply 8th May 2015

    A very solid performance indeed. You must be very happy! Do you think you can increase your monthly net worth growth in line with your annual target? An extra £900 is certainly no drop in the ocean!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Mr Zombie

    Reply Reply 8th May 2015


    Good work. It's amazing how things seem to increase once you start to track and focus on them. Even falling short of the goal and hitting £46k in your freedom fund will be outstanding.

    Perhaps the power of tracking your goals is a powerful as the effects if compound interest

    MR Z

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 8th May 2015

    Hi Richard,

    Yes, things are ticking along nicely and going the right way. I feel quietly confident, but it won't be easy.

    Thanks as always for the support!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 8th May 2015

    Thank you Tawcan. I appreciate it!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 8th May 2015

    Hi Mr Z,

    Thank you very much! I agree, I think tracking is hugely important to progression. My aim at the start of the year was to set a goal higher than I thought possible, to ask more of myself. I still hope to achieve it, but I'm not afraid to fall short. I would be happy with £46k but I'll push it all the way.

    I would say tracking goals is hugely powerful, but it has the opposite success speed that compound interest has. Compound interest is slow starting but rapidly builds into in massive force. In my experience tracking goals rapidly helps progression to begin with, but I believe its impact fades over time. It's still hugely beneficial though!

    Thanks again for your support!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 8th May 2015

    Thanks D2!

    From income alone, I think it's unlikely. I'll need help from dividends and stock growth. I mentioned it in a comment above – I've purposely set the goal higher than was currently possible. This has changed how I earn money because I have to do something differently to make the increase. Only time will tell!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 8th May 2015

    Thanks Weenie!

    It is going to be key. I don't know if it'll be enough, but I'll keep on pushing and see what happens. I hope you have a great weekend too!


  • The Big Monkey

    Reply Reply 9th May 2015

    Hi Huw,

    I have no doubt that you will reach your 2015 freedom fund by the end of the year. Great performance so far.

    Thanks for the inspiration so far.


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 10th May 2015

    That's very kind. Thank you Big Monkey!

    II'm not sure if I will, but 'm going to give it a bloody good go anyway.

  • Theres Value

    Reply Reply 11th May 2015

    I am sure that as you devote a bit more to pushing the kindle income, you'll be able to hit your goals. Just watch out for the tax implications as you will have to put aside some money for that.


  • Dividend Drive

    Reply Reply 11th May 2015

    I see. A very highly ambitious goal! I like it indeed! Good luck with it. I am sure even if you don't quite hit it you will make solid progress towards it!

  • Huw

    Reply Reply 12th May 2015

    It's a new method I'm trying this year. I've tended to set average goals for myself and achieve them. I read that it's more effective to set higher goals that are 50% unrealistic and fail than it is to set a lower goal and achieve it. So far, I much prefer my new strategy, but we'll see how it pans out!

  • DivHut

    Reply Reply 13th May 2015

    Your numbers are looking great for the year. Great dividend income for the month at £101.80 and great looking freedom fund net worth. So far I'm on track for my dividend income for 2015. I'd like to crack $4k in divvys for the year. I don't really track my portfolio updates as much as my dividend income as portfolio values can rise and fall on a whim where dividend payments should be more stable and rising. Thanks for sharing.

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 14th May 2015

    Hi DivHut,

    Thank you very much.

    I'm glad you're currently on track with your dividend goal. $4k in a year is impressive!

    My priority will always be income over value due to the way I invest. I found it interesting and motivating to monitor and track the portfolio value too. It's like tracking muscle size and strength. For most people, one is more important than the other, but there is a correlation between the two – the more muscle you have, you stronger you'l be, and the bigger your portfolio the bigger you're income – Generally speaking.

    Keep up the good and thanks for stopping by!

  • Nice work as usual my friend. Here's to an even better May!


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 21st May 2015

    Thanks TFS!

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