Dividend Income – April 2015

plan on recording my monthly dividend payments on this blog for you all to see. I earned £9.88 in the whole of 2013, £590.33 in 2014, and I have a goal to earn £2,000 in Dividends for 2015. This post will collate all of the dividends I’ve received this month and how I’m tracking against my Dividend Goals. I will reveal which companies have paid, and how much they’ve contributed. 

I have two accounts where I’m currently earning Dividends from – I have an ISA account with H&L, and a taxable share account with iWeb. 

April Dividend Payments:
Catlin Group £23.28
GlaxoSmithKline £18.40
Rio Tinto £33.53
HSBC £10.18
Loyalty Bonus £0.08
Total £85.47
iWeb CMI
GlaxoSmithKline £16.33
Total £16.33
Combined Total £101.80

April’s dividends were on track with my current 2015 average, which is now £103.46. To be on track with my 2015 Dividend Income Goal (£2,000) I need to bring in £167 per month. My dividend income is very sporadic so I’m not expecting to hit that amount every month, but I’m pleased to see my monthly figure close in on this average. 

Over the course of 2014, my dividends averaged £49.19 per month. I received a dividend payment in every month last year, so I can now make a Year-on-Year comparison for every month. In April last year I received £12.16. This represents a 737increase Year on Year. 

Dividends – 2015
January £83.47
February £56.22
March £172.36
April £101.80
2015 Total £413.85
2015 Average £103.46

My monthly average is now at £103.46 after 4 months. My average last month was £104.02, so it hasn’t made any ground, but it hasn’t lost any either. May’s Dividends are due to be my biggest ever by a fair margin, and June’s are also very high for me. I’m hoping to be very close to the monthly average I need (£167) going into the second half of the year. 

How was April for you? How are you getting on with your targets after 4 months? 


  • Laura

    Reply Reply 2nd May 2015

    I got no dividends for April but I am planning on buying some GSK shares so that I can take advantage of their quarterly dividends. Money is a little tight for me right now as I am heading on maternity leave soon but I really want some stocks that will pay decent dividends and GSK appears to be one of them.

    Your April dividend is excellent and I am sure will continue to grow year after year.

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 2nd May 2015

    Hi Laura,

    I'm sorry to hear about your empty April. It wasn't long before I was able to generate income every single month. I've invested in GSK several times. They were my first investment when I first looked into DGI. I wish you all the very best with your investment decisions and more importantly with the birth of your baby!

    Thanks for stopping by and offering support!


  • Excellent job! Solid increases through the years and if you are near your $2k goal average by the middle of the year I bet your crush that goal by the end of 2015. Keep up the good work!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 2nd May 2015

    Thanks PIP.

    I think I'm going to be just short of the £1,000 mark by the end of June, but I won't be far off. I feel confident that I can achieve it by the end of the year.

    Thank you for the support!


  • weenie

    Reply Reply 3rd May 2015

    Hey Huw
    Your YOY increases always make me smile – 737%! Although I know that it's not always going to be like this but still, a big well done, it's great to see how far you have come in just a year.

    I think in my mind, when I decided to diversify into buying shares (and to an extent, investment trusts), the figure I would love to have as a monthly dividend is £100 and you got that this month. It's great following your progress as it encourages me to continue with my own strategy! I can't wait to see what your bumper May pay out is going to be!

  • Anonymous

    Reply Reply 3rd May 2015

    Nice going Huw

    It is good to see that you have a direct comparison to 2014 so you can see how your dividends are increasing. I am quite sure you will hit your 2015 target.


  • Dividend Drive

    Reply Reply 3rd May 2015

    You and I, as is often the case, share a lot of income generators this month. The only one there we don't share is Rio Tinto. I only have one miner: BHP Billiton.

    We also both received our last Catlin payment. Sad to see it go. Just got to work out what best to use the money I receive from it to replace it with. You had any thoughts?

    I am about 42% towards my goal of £800 for the year so far. Not bad. Hopefully the pace is kept up going forward. Like you, May should be pretty strong as well.

    Look forward to your next update!

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 3rd May 2015

    Hi DD,

    It's nice to see to other people with the same investments as yourself, especially when we can celebrate our dividend income and increases.

    I feel the same way about Catlin. There are many investments which I look into based on other peoples comments, stats, reports etc. I found Catlin from my own statistical research and after I ran the numbers on them I went for it. Like you I'm sad to it see go, but onto pastures new. BHP Billiton is a good example of a company that everyone was talking about last year with the reduction in oil prices that I ended up purchasing too. I just want to add that my decision was based on the companies numbers, not because it was popular.

    I have had some thoughts on where I want the money to go, and I want to continue my research this weekend to narrow it down a little. Early favourites are increased positions in BATS or NG. I'll also be able to purchase a company from my salary next week, so I may decide to purchase a company that isn't currently in my portfolio to continue diversifying it. I'll be buying shares in at least 2 companies, possibly 3 this month. I love shopping!

    Congratulations on your current performance DD. 42% is ahead of the goal at this stage of the year. Although I can't see your forward dividends so I don't know for sure, it looks like you should hit the £800 goal you've set, which is excellent. We're only 33% of the way through the year, and you're set for a couple of big months in May and June.

    Don't you just love Dividends!


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 3rd May 2015

    Thank you Richard!

    The YOY comparisons are great for motivation. There aren't many things in life where you see 100%+ improvements year after year. I'm sure they'll continue to slow down in time, but I'll enjoy it for now. I feel confident about the £2,000 target. I'm not on track currently, but I'll get there!

    How was April for you?

    All the best

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 3rd May 2015

    Ha ha. I know! The YOY comparisons are a bit ridiculous, but it's encouraging to see how much it's changed in 12 months.

    That's very kind Weenie, thank you. My average right now feels good, and I can't believe how fast I move on. Last year I thought about how great it would be to get to an average of £100 a month. Here I am, and I'm already seeking the £167 figure that I'm tracking for 2015. After June's payment I should be close to that.

    I can't wait!


  • FFBF

    Great dividend income, keep the snowball rolling.

  • Hi Huw

    Great month, and I agree that YoY comparisons are great motivators (even if the occasional month is negative, but the trend is positive).

    I am lucky enough to be looking to achieve £500 per month, and should hit this in 4 months this year (one will actually beat £1,000), and might just manage a total of £6,000 for the year (pity Tesco have stopped their dividend this year as I would have definitely managed it).

    Looking forward to following your dividend income this year, and hopefully will see that back end of the year benefit from your buys in the first months.

    Best Wishes

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 3rd May 2015

    Hi FIUK,

    Thank you very much. I agree the YOY comparisons are so motivating.

    Your progress is inspiring. £500 is excellent. I just love how the dividends continue to increase like this over time.

    After hitting £100pm, I'm already thinking about getting to £167pm, and onwards to £250pm. I can't help to push myself onto the next goal. I love challenging myself to see what's possible. I blame people like you who are doing so well! 🙂

    I'll keep my fingers crossed and an eye on your progress to see how you fair with your £6,000 goal. Good luck!


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 3rd May 2015

    Thank you FF!

    Yes, I want to keep this baby rolling for as long as possible! 🙂


  • Tawcan

    Reply Reply 4th May 2015

    Solid growth when it comes to dividend income. I think your monthly average will start climbing if you continue having this kind of dividend income in the future. Keep up the good work!

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