Portfolio Update – September 2014

My main focus as a Dividend Growth Investor is the amount of Income I receive on a monthly basis. My long term goal is to receive a yield that will surpass the cost of my expenses each month. My annual overheads are currently under £10,000 per year, and my investments average over a 4% return. By using those numbers, I require £250,000 in my portfolio to cover all bills and spending money. 
I want to keep track of the value of my portfolio each month as I go through this process. It’s been motivating to see the growth of my pot since I started. Recording this data has helped by raising my awareness. I now find myself eager to invest so I can report back on the progress I’ve made. The same benefits have come from recording my workouts, my cash savings, and more recently my income and expenditure. 

It can be difficult to keep track of how the stock market is performing as a whole. The exercise of recording the individual values results in a more well-rounded view of how everything is going. 

I achieved one of my goals for 2014 by having a portfolio worth more than £12,000 in July. I would like to continue with the momentum I’ve gained so far and aim for £17,500 by the end of the year. I will report what my portfolio was worth at the end of every month so you can see how I’m progressing towards this goal.

My portfolio value went up in September. The increase was down to the purchase of Royal London Sterling Extra Yield Bond and my highest Dividend Income to date. 

At the end of August my Freedom Pot was worth £14,543.48. When the market closed at the end of September my portfolio was worth £15,427.08 which is a £883.60 increase (6.1%). I’m pleased that my portfolio has grown again from last month, but I’m disappointed the percentage wasn’t higher. I invested £950 into an Income Bond, and I earned £124 in Dividends. A few of my investments lost their value in September – Tesco and GlaxoSmithKline were the main two. I would have been more satisfied with a £1,000 increase, but it’s still a move in the right direction

I’m now £2,072.92 from my new portfolio goal with three months to go. My wages are usually lower in October and November, but December tends to be strong, so it’s going to be close. I remain optimistic!
Thank you for reading! 

How was September for you? Are you on track for your end of year Goals? Have you hit them already?


  • Tawcan

    Reply Reply 3rd October 2014

    Looks like you're making great progress. I'm optimistic that you will hit your portfolio goal.

  • Cerridwen

    Reply Reply 4th October 2014

    Hi Huw,
    It looks like you're pretty much on track for your end of year report – well done and fingers crossed for the rest of the year.

    My Sept was good(ish) but not great and things have dropped again in the last few days but such is life. I find that the biggest problem with having goals is that the posts keep changing. I'm just in the middle of having to review mine as we've decided to bring forward my husband's retirement date by 3 years and the possibility/threat of my being made redundant has raised its ugly head again so I need a "Plan C". Back to the drawing board!

  • goodfinancialchoices

    Reply Reply 4th October 2014

    A good update there Huw, I love the way you are very focused on the plan.

    I don't have a definitive long term plan as such, just simply finish my house, have a few nice holidays whilst maxing out my NISA each year & keeping pensions contributions high.

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 4th October 2014

    Hi Tawcan,

    Thank you for the optimism. I feel confident deep down too. Thanks for stopping by.


  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 4th October 2014

    Hi Cerridwen,

    Thank you for your comment. It should be pretty tight over the next couple of months but I'm banking on a strong December wage.

    I'm sorry to hear about your situation at work. I can't imagine that's an easy thing to deal with. I take my secure income for granted. I can relate to your goal setting. I find it difficult, initially, that I'm not going to meet a goal. I was planning on saving £20k cash for property investment, I got to £11,500 before I made the decision to invest in shares instead. It felt like I was quitting, even though in reality I was re-directing my attention. Changing a goal due to a change in circumstances is more difficult still. I wish you the best of luck in creating Plan C! I'll keep an eye on how you get on.

    Best wishes

  • Huw Davies

    Reply Reply 4th October 2014

    Hi Goodfinancialchoices,

    Thank you for sharing your views.

    I've always been the same. When I fix my mind on something, I go for it 100%. I'm very disciplined and determined generally, and those traits suit the world of Personal Finance. I get a real kick out of progression. I get a great sense of satisfaction from it.

    Your plan sounds simple yet satisfying. I wish you well with it. Thanks again for stopping by.


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